Artificial Intelligence

Technology and knowledge, drivers of business opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence is the result of years of technological development and knowledge. Its application within companies has become a critical driver for business opportunities in any type of enterprise. These technologies can be applied to any area: at production level, product operation, and in the management of business activities and processes.

Betacom has a Business Unit dedicated to the study of the new frontiers of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The advantages of using these technologies are multiple, allowing you to: automate business processes, obtain information through data analysis – the so-called big data – and help engage both customers and employees.

Artificial Intelligence is an ever-evolving science that grows and changes every day. Studying applications in the company is one of the main objectives of the Betacom team dedicated to finding new algorithms and their possible applications in the company. The use of state-of-the-art technologies is a strategic business choice in every market sector. Betacom is a reliable partner that can study tailor-made solutions to serve clients' business objectives.

Technologies used

- TensorFlow
- RapidMiner
- Machine Learning
- Big Data