The Company

Solidity and innovation

An innovative IT company that specializes in consulting, designing and developing IT solutions and streamlining business information systems.
Betacom aims to promote the digitization of companies through the use of the most innovative and cutting-edge state-of -the art technologies.

Betacom offers all clients a qualified IT consulting service, customer support specialists in streamlining operational processes, the building of software applications in different technology environments, project groups dedicated to development of keys-in-hand packages and the maintenance of systems in operation.

“Man is still the most extraordinary computer”
by J.F.K.


Betacom’s Vision: the value of technology comes from people, their passion for work and team interplay.


Participation, group, commitment, openness to challenges and clear objectives. Betacom believes in the value of people and teamwork. Spreading and organizing digital culture in companies is our primary goal. That’s why we provide innovative IT solutions tailored to the needs of every single client.



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