Banca Reale
Security Assessment

The client

Banca Reale is the lender of the Reale Group. It is the result of collaboration between the insurance world and the financial world. It entered the banking landscape in 2000, with the aim of offering a service capable of creating value for clients and for the community. Although relatively young, this credit institute lays its base on the solid foundations of a group with over 190 years of experience, which over time has been able to
change while always keeping up with the times, if not anticipating them.
Evolution, an integral part of its thinking, is highlighted in the careful use of new technologies and through the offer of targeted and innovative solutions in the financial and banking sectors.

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Commodities Sector


Number of employees

Over 3000

Case history data

Banca Reale turned to Betacom for security assessment services, which include vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of infrastructure and applications.

Betacom provided the Vulnerability Assessment for the assessment of IT security, which involves identifying the largest number of vulnerabilities in one or more computer system, providing a rough indication of their impact and possible countermeasures. Unlike the Penetration Test, there is no attempt to exploit the same vulnerabilities in the vulnerability assessment activities to attempt to access the system or platform.
Subsequently, Penetration Tests were carried out simulating a real attack attempt.
The Penetration Application Test was carried out in manual mode in both black box and grey box mode.

Solutions adopted

Systems analysis in remote connection with ethical hacking techniques.

Benefits obtained

Risk assessment of the systems, identification of the systems' criticalities.
Debugging and increased system security.