Business Intelligence

The functional use of data for business.

Translating data into easily usable information allows companies to develop strategies to improve their performance. Business intelligence makes a critical contribution to key decisions in the company.

Betacom has a team of experts in data analysis. Their organization for detailed, timely and complete reporting of the state of business processes can guide you to the strategic use of this information. An overall and organized view of the data is essential for companies in any sector.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and specially designed algorithms, Betacom is able to analyze the client's past and present performance, simulating probable scenarios to estimate future business performance.

Betacom develops applications both in the industrial and in the intuitive friendly interface, for a smooth user experience.

Betacom specialists use tools such as QlikView and Business Objects for rational data reading and for their organization and efficient visualization. State-of-the-art software provides quick answers, efficient solutions, and better business outcomes.

Technologies used

- QlikView
- Business Objects

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