Security Assessment

The client

Finpiemonte's identity and role have evolved over time in line with the guidelines defined by local institutions in the broader framework of European and national strategies and decisions, with the aim of responding more and more effectively to the needs of the territory. Finpiemonte assists the Region and the other members, all of a public nature, in the design of economic policies, plays a cross role between the credit system, the business world and the region and develops the most suitable solutions to the productive fabric . Finpiemonte's main activities are: - Facilities and financial instruments - European projects

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Commodities Sector




Case history data

Fin Piedmont turned to Betacom to carry out security assessment activities that include vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of infrastructure and applications. Betacom provided the Vulnerability Assessment for a cybersecurity assessment, providing a rough indication of its impact and possible countermeasures. Subsequently, Penetration Tests were carried out simulating a real attack attempt. The Penetration Application Test was carried out in manual mode in both black box and grey box mode.

Solutions adopted

- Systems analysis connected remotely via VPN. - Attack simulations using ethical hacking techniques

Benefits obtained

- System Risk Assessment, identification of critical system issues. - Debugging and more secure systems.