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The client

Innolva was born from the union of Assicom and Ribes, to offer innovative solutions with added value for the protection and development of businesses. Every day we support clients to develop, manage and protect their business with solutions that combine experience and innovation. We support strategic choices through value-added data, information and services. We do this with passion, guided by inspiration to give the market professional answers and quality tools.

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Commodities Sector


Case history data

Innolva turned to Betacom for DBA consulting and remote /onsite management services of its own database infrastructure. Betacom, before proceeding, made a preliminary assessment to propose to the client some solutions and scenarios of evolution of the dbms production environments. At the end of this phase, Betacom activated a DBA specialist technical support service on the Innolva infrastructure. The System Assessment included server, cluster, and database configurations, acquiring login credentials and running commands and batch scripts to capture the information needed for the management of the sytems and the activation of VPN remote management tools, Oracle administration tools, etc. Betacom staff then assisted Innolva with on-the-job training activities in systems analysis and the evolution of the systems during the phases of collecting information on applications and critical issues detected in systems. In particular, the training was carried out with respect to the operational management procedures of the systems covered by the perimeter and the detailed information of the production environments: - Capacity of Systems and Historical Trends - Process Schedules/Job Batch - Application and other dbms dependency

Benefits obtained

- DB optimization and evolution - Immediate and timely incident detection and anomaly correction

Products used

- Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition - MySQL Server - MySQL cluster - VPN