Wedoo Web Agency

The client

Wedoo srl is a digital communications agency that has been operating in the web sector since 1999,with offices in Turin, Birmingham (USA) and Shanghai (China).Its mission is the development of innovative creative projects for Italian and international brands.

The agency deals with digital communication projects at 360 ° and collaborates with a number of leading brands, including Lancia, Disaronno, Self, Iveco and Alfa Romeo, providing branding, advertising, marketing & strategy, learning, system integration, video & CGI, and additional services depending on the specifications required.

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Case history data

Wedoo pointed out the need to effectively manage traffic from Alfa Romeo's advertising campaign that went on air during live TV at the 2017 Super Bowl event.

The TV commercial invited viewers of the event to connect to the website to customize and configure the new Alfa Romeo car.

The web agency turned to CriticalCase, a partner company of the Betacom Group, for the design and total management of the infrastructure, with the aim of avoiding any disruptions to the service and to cope with the high volume of users generated by an event that reaches about 200 million viewers worldwide every year.

Solutions adopted

The project for Wedoo, FCA and the superbowl was one of the most significant collaborations in terms of managing critical applications and maintaining continuity of service.

The multi-datacenter infrastructure model designed by Criticalcase fully supported Wedoo and Alfa Romeo's cross-media campaign, ensuring high levels of performance, scalability and reliability. In particular, given the complex features required by the real-time processing of images by the online configurator and the millions of website accesses generated by the event, the amount of resources used to manage the campaign is to be considered remarkable : 3Terabytes of RAM, 200 Cpu and 60 Vps.

Benefits obtained

The infrastructure designed for FCA's advertising campaign ensured continuity of service in the face of millions of website accesses and real-time processing of millions of images, thanks to the choice of an incredible multi-datacenter solution.

The system had a high level of scalability and excellent reliability. The detailed preliminary analysis carried out by our technical team allowed us to successfully complete the advertising campaign of a high-level company such as FCA, as well as to ensure the correct management of the project to our direct client, Wedoo.