DB Management

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With a dedicated competence center Betacom offers ad hoc performance on strategic operations and DBM activities suitable for multiple environments. Thanks to certified DBAs and 24/7 availability, Betacom is able to offer optimal and competitive performance.

The DBA Team is Betacom's flagship. Experienced analysts can provide a state-of-the-art service to ensure databases are constantly up-to-date and always working.

The database services that Betacom provides can be managed in different solutions to make it easier for clients to choose based on their needs and budget. The company is able to offer support and customized database services through a needs analysis which leads to selecting the most suitable consulting method.

Betacom has developed varied experience on infrastructure management services, developing expertise to provide remote assistance on common issues and emergency management for the entire IT infrastructure or for its individual components.

The team's DBA experts provide concrete solutions to your company's real-world problems.

Technologies used

- Oracle
- SQL Server
- PostgreSQL

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