Digital Marketing

The harmony between creative communication and innovation.

Betacom develops platforms that can 'support' a digital marketing path.
QRgo, for example, is a Betacom registered trademark. It is a platform that allows you to realize a new 'user experience' through the creation of new generation digital content. The platform brings several benefits, such as reaching the customer in a targeted and timely manner, engaging and retaining new customers, profiling users by creating real-time databases and increasing traffic on their site.

In addition, thanks to experts in CRM Dynamics, the company is able to provide support to each client's marketing office to plan campaigns and events (fairs, promotions, advertising, etc.), monitoring their performance and results. Thanks to advanced CRM, the customer will be able to manage and evaluate leads and engage their prospects through social networks.

The Betacom team specialized in Digital Marketing is able to manage corporate communication both online and offline, with particular attention to new digital marketing tools with the use of SEO and SEM (Google ADS).

The target? Find the perfect harmony between creative communication and technological innovation.

Technologies used

- QRGo
- Google ADV
- AdSense