Doctor Hail

The client

Solid, dynamic with a strong organizational spirit and a strong customer orientation, guarantees excellent management of hail stone claims. A professional and experienced staff works with synergy to ensure an integrated offer dedicated to both insurance companies and car fleets. The warranty, reliability and the ability to provide targeted solutions are the main values that give life to Dr. Hail's activity.

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Commodities Sector

Management and repair of hail-damaged vehicles


Italy and the world

Case history data

The client requested a system that would allow the operational and administrative management of the lifecycle of the hail claims reported by its customers.

The internal organizational structure of the client required that the process of managing a claim be managed in several steps each assigned to a different functional level, especially at the operational, administrative and commercial level.

The previous management was not able to integrate the information query from and to the billing system, making the use of administrative figures necessary only to verify the progress of the procedures for the startup of the billing procedures performed directly on the billing system.

The client therefore requested a solution that would facilitate and optimize the sharing of data between external/internal platforms (billing system), which would allow information to be shared better and directly within organizational and administrative flows, which would allow the configuration of the different company levels and the structural and / or graphic customization currently limited to the operational level only.

Viene concordata l’implementazione di un processo di pubblicazione e fruizione dei contenuti basato su tecnologia web con interfacce poste sotto autenticazione specifica per ogni attore coinvolto nel flusso operativo.
La soluzione proposta prevede il riuso dei livelli e ruoli funzionali previsti dal cliente, volti sia a strutturare l’organizzazione logica di fruizione dei contenuti sia a popolare, mantenere e consolidare i dati raccolti durante l’attività day-by-day di rendicontazione.

The implementation of a process of publication and use of content based on web technology was agreed on with interfaces under specific authentication for each actor involved in the operational flow.

The solution was integrated with the authentication tools in operation at the client's, allowing integrated access with the configurations of the client systems in use.
The solution implemented allows for: the collection and registration of claims registration activities to and from operational call-centers scattered throughout the country; management and regulation of insurance agreements; geolocation and traceability of the intervention network; the management of the collection flow of graphical surveys; organization of customer support and automation of notification processes and appointment scheduling; operational calendar management and centralized planning; traceability and dynamic generation of administrative documentation; data analysis and verification; reporting,qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis and performance detection.

Solutions adopted

By investigating client requirements and on the basis of the infrastructure components involved, Betacom identified the need to build a Web Based solution based on Microsoft .Net C.C. technology with Framework 4.5 by adopting the necessary paradigms and style languages (CSS3) useful for the creation of modular interfaces.

In order to maintain consistency with the application layer and the Framework in operation, the use of Microsoft Sql Server 2012 (MS-SQL) was identified as the repository for information and metadata / application data, usable through the use of optimized development systems of query components such as Entity Framework.

Benefits obtained

Complete re-engineering of IT systems and internal processes useful for the management of the claims registration flow by Doctor Hail's customers.
Implementation of the required standards for accounting and control processes
Better information sharing within organizational and administrative flows
Reduction of costs for the management and maintenance of IT systems
Simplifying qualitative and quantitative analysis processes
Presence of a unified repository for the integration, analysis and monitoring of activities
Simplification of communication and sharing of data between external / internal platforms (Gamma - Billing system)

Products used

- Microsoft Windows 2012 Server
- Microsoft .NET FrameWork 4.5 C
- Microsoft Sql Server 2012 Standard Edition
- Angular JS 1.4