IT Networking

The client

DTR VMS Italy – formerly C.F. Gomma – is one of the world leaders in the supply of automotive components (vehicles, industrial vehicles) and rail. In particular, the company is engaged in the production of anti-vibrant systems, air springs, rubber technical items (headphones and precision items) and damper flywheels; a part of the business is dedicated to the production of mixes, both for internal use and for sale to third parties. The company operates in the automotive industry both as an OEM supplier and in the spare parts market. These sectors are highly specialised and require the ability of operators to produce innovative products based on customer demands and to adopt new technologies; They are also sectors heavily influenced by factors that depend on the automotive market, such as the launch of new models, the cost of fuels, consumer trends, etc. Regarding competitiveness, Research and Development as well as design activities shared with clients, in addition to representing the main barriers to entry of potential competitors, these are the critical factors of success for the company.

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Commodities Sector


Case history data

DTR VMS Italy turned to Betacom to provide support services on local area network infrastructure (LAN) and VPN connections with remote locations (WAN). Betacom dealt with the management of the LAN and WAN network infrastructure issues and the opening and the management of calls to service providers for hardware faults. The service was carried out remotely with 24/7 coverage.

Benefits obtained

The solution developed resulted in the following benefits:

- Systems are working correctly
- Business Continuity
- Constant monitoring

Products used