Advice and cliente-tailored ERP solutions.

Considering the growing number of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) installations and the consequent increase in demand for platform specialists, Betacom opened a dedicated division to SAP in 2014 with the aim of equipping itself with the skills to cover all the stages of development of a SAP project. In addition, the company has the expertise to develop ERP based on Microsoft Dynamics technologies.

Betacom's SAP Unit now consists of more than 30 people. They are mostly functional analysts engaged on administrative processes, management control, sales, supply management, and warehouses. These resources represent a core of excellence within the society.

Betacom is able to provide its clients with Application Maintenance services based on measurable SLAs and an ABAP Factory that can operate remotely on functional specifications, overcoming logistical problems and predefined economic conditions.

In addition, thanks to a partnership with SAP Italia, today the company is working for a progressive certification of its human resources.

Thanks to the expertise and know-how of these professionals, the company is able to cover all the phases of development of a SAP project, from the analysis of the requirements to the customization of the final solution, while remaining competitive in an ever-changing market.

Betacom is able to respond concretely to the needs of every type of client, thanks to the ability to integrate SAP applications to different IT solutions.

The company also has a division specializing in SAP training. All courses, individual or collective, are held by experienced professionals in the sector and are organised
according to the degree of specialization. The training offer is aimed at both individuals and companies and provides for the issuing of attendance certificates.

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