Gruppo Triboo
IT infrastructure

The client

Triboo Spa boasts unique know-how from the success stories of different publishers including the HTML Group and Brown Publisher, who over time have won leadership positions in the various reference sectors. To date, Triboo's editorial portfolio consists of 17 privately owned newspapers and over 250 concession sites. Triboo took charge of the web project, an online magazine that offers a wide editorial selection and reaches all the different audiences.

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Commodities Sector

Vehicle modules and suspension components

Number of employees

over 250

Case history data

Triboo turned to CritcalCase, a betacom partner company, as's advertising platform, hosted on their previous supplier's infrastructure, generated multiple slowdowns due to the increasing number of visitors. Triboo initially thought that the difficulty was exclusively related to the network, but, following a joint analysis, it was found that the issues were also related to the high number of accesses (I/O) on the infrastructure.

Criticalcase thus made itself available to replicate the client's multimedia infrastructure of, supporting the storage of data on one of its SANs based on Dell Compellent, a multi-layered storage solution capable of distributing data on different types of disks depending on the number of I/Os. This allowed them, together with the possibility to dynamically vary the number of machines engaged in the delivery (both frontend and backend), to ensure consistent performance even as the number of accesses changes. With the aim of providing the client with a fully monitored and managed solution, Criticalcase proposed a service that can be used in "as a service" mode, engineering a content delivery solution distributed on 2 of its 7 datacenters , so that the backend machines are geographically redundant. Criticalcase and Triboo agreed together on a computational load threshold of the machines involved to define the scalability mechanisms, providing the end customer with an infrastructure that is configured as a Content Delivery service, in which the only two indicators to be kept under control correspond to the storage occupied by the assets and to the traffic generated on a monthly basis.The entire underlying system layer was managed, monitored and maintained 24/7 directly by Criticalcase, with a monthly report to the client on the infrastructure performance. To date, the platform generates more than 190TB/month of traffic, delivering more than 1.5TB of locally hosted content on the CriticalCase infrastructure.

Solutions adopted

The high number of platform accesses no longer generate any slowdown or disruption, thanks to the design of a completely customized solution to the client's needs. In addition, the Service Delivery with As a Service mode, the complete management, constant monitoring and 24-hour technical support provided by the staff, allows the client to focus freely on their core-business without having to worry about infrastructure issues.

Benefits obtained

The solution developed resulted in the following benefits:

The implemented solution guarantees a high reliability of the infrastructural system and the availability of the service even with high levels of traffic.

Products used

Dell Compellent-based SANs

Business benefits

Stable infrastructure and system reliability.