The Group

Why working as a team is important

The Betacom Group is a company created to meet the needs of Digital Transformation.
A united set of companies and professionals that form a solid and dynamic group, able to provide tailored solutions to an ever-changing market. Betacom knows how networking is one of the most effective strategies for developing technology skills and business opportunities.
Unity is strength, in this case, it is not just a saying.

“Talent wins games,

but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

Michael Jordan

Si-Soft Informatica

With 17 years of experience and 15,000 pages of compiled manuals, it dedicates itself to the SAP world at 360°.


An innovative company that will revolutionize access to credit thanks to algorithms and Big Data.

Produces ICT

Company specializing in corporate cyber security, consisting of ethical hackers and security evangelists.

Audacia solutions

Audacia offers software solutions tailored to insurance companies.


An innovative Startup that was born with the aim of helping other Startups in various respects.

Critical Case

High Availability service provider, specialized in providing fully managed tailored solutions.


Wine selection and distribution . To provide the client with a 360 degree offer designed to meet every need.


It is a company focused on knowledge management in museum, data, information and processes in this sector.

Consorzio ICT Opera

Their aims are to develop and propose highly innovative solutions, products, technologies to accelerate the digital transformation of companies.


Skyproxima is a startup which operates in the aerospace industry.


The Italian lending crowdfunding platform specializing in the renewable energy and environmental sustainability sector.