Il Rovere

The client

Since 1986, Il Rovere SpA has been the most renowned company in the gift packaging industry, skilled in carefully and passionately packaging gastronomic gifts of great quality.
From year to year, Il Rovere SpA offers exclusive and high-impact solutions, becoming the best reference point for those who want to buy corporate gifts and prefer, to discounted Christmas gifts, sought-after Christmas gifts, which stand out for quality and originality.

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Commodities Sector



Italy and the World

Case history data

The client shared with Betacom the need for a system that would allow the total management of the company, in particular:

Management of Customer / Supplier Master Data
Management of temporary employees and their Pay Slips
Management of Goods, Warehouse and and Sales Points
Management of Production with batch tracking with RFID
Management of Accounting and Banking
Management of Agents' Commission

In addition, one or more sites were requested for online sales:

An E-Commerce site

The system was also to be used by external agents/suppliers and at various production/sorting sites.

Solutions adopted

The implementation of a process of publication and use of content based on web technology with interfaces placed under specific authentication for each actor involved in the work flow was agreed on.

The development processes adopted also ensured the following qualitative and evolutionary paradigms:

User activity traceability
Versioning management and source code storage
Testing, debugging, and logging application processes
Publishing web services (WS) for use to and from external sources (mobile, data integration, business analysis systems)

Solution Detail

Building a Web based solution based on Microsoft C-based technology and with the .net Framework that adopted the necessary paradigms and style languages (CSS3) useful for the realization of modular interfaces.
In order to maintain consistency with the application layer and the Framework in operation, the optimal use of Microsoft Sql Server (MS-SQL) as an information repository and metadata/application data was identified.

Products used

Microsoft Windows Server
Microsoft .NET FrameWork C# and
Microsoft Sql Server

Benefits obtained

Complete vision of the company in every detail.
Optimization of production system timing, complete traceability of the goods and optimization of everything that can relate to the economic management of the company.