The client

IN.VA, an inhouse company in the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta, the Town of Aosta and the USL Valle d'Aosta Company. It operates in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector and designs and manufactures information systems for its shareholders. The company is at the service of its members, for which it provides technological services and services to the citizen. It tries as much as possible to replicate compatible and shared solutions.

Over the years, it has developed a good knowledge of the needs and logics of transformation of its clients in the public sector, as well as skills in the organizational, planning, implementation and management areas of public information systems and new services for citizens, also and especially in the social-health field.

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Commodities Sector

Public Administration

Case history data

IN.VA turned to Betacom to reorganize the Oracle-based DBMS platforms of its server farm in which the infrastructure and application environments of IN.VA clients/associates were hosted. Betacom was involved in the reorganization of DBMS with a view to optimising and developing the platforms.

Solutions adopted

Betacom took steps to assess the areas under IN.VA management with a view to dimensioning and streamlining towards a new infrastructure on a new data center, to revising and reorganizing procedures, processes and backup/restore architectures for oracle dbms with a view to standardizing and improving RPO / RTO performance and the introduction of standards and management procedures with the help of dbms administration tools (Cloud Control 13c) and integration with monitoring environments.

Benefits obtained

- DB optimization and evolution
- Immediate and timely incident detection and anomaly correction
- Constant monitoring

Products used

- Cloud Control 13c
- DBA Oracle