The client

Inaz is an Italian company specializing in software and solutions to administer, manage and organize work. Inaz designs, manufactures and markets products, tools and services that give value to people and set organizations in motion. With a direct network of agencies and service points throughout Italy, Inaz is close to the best structures, those that recognize the importance of the human factor: companies, public bodies, professional offices, employment consultants and trade associations. Inaz's customers have 450 experts and specialists and a research and development team. Inaz constantly collaborates with leading IT technology companies, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and employs qualified Microsoft Certified Professional staff.

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Commodities Sector


Number of employees

About 300



Case history data

Betacom was responsible for activating and managing a remote DBA Management service on INAZ production MS SQL instances. Through remote management tools such as VPN and Administrative Tools, Betacom was able to proceed with the operational management of the remote DB Management service. The service included startup tasks for MS SQL Remote Management Services, an incident management service for MS SQL instances, and management of reporting and service documentation. In particular, the startup activity was implemented through the Assessment of systems through the configuration of servers, clusters and databases and the acquisition of all the information necessary for the management of the systems. In addition, VPN Remote Management Tools and Administrative Tools were enabled and processes and documents regarding the operational management of the service were defined.
The service included handling any MS SQL incidents, with the intervention of an MS SQL specialist when a malfunction was reported or unavailability of the systems covered by the service.
Betacom has provided 24/7 remote DBA support on Inaz's SQL Server production environments that provide Services in SaaS mode.

Solutions adopted


Benefits obtained

Secure Data Storage
Fast and performing systems
Immediate and timely incident detection and anomaly correction
Highly customizable Systems
24/7 Database Performance and Data Warehouse Safeguarding