Industry 4.0

IT applied to industry.

The use of new digital technologies within production companies has led to what is called the era of Industry 4.0, or Enterprise 4.0, where new technologies are applied to production processes giving the opportunity to improve working conditions, increase the productivity and production quality of the plants.

Betacom therefore decided to dedicate several teams to the study of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to facilitate the process of digitalization of production. Starting from the analysis of real problems, the company studies customized solutions and devices to simplify, automate and optimize processes. The next step is to create custom prototypes to evaluate the actual functionality of the solution and then the installation.

Transforming devices into smart, connected and "intelligent" devices is an economic, effective and strategic solution for any type of business. The use of 4.0 systems contributes to streamlining production and simplifying processes, bringing real benefits to businesses.

In particular, these technologies are adaptable to any system and plant, which allow for the monitoring of systems and data collection, for continuous control of the health of plants and energy expenditure.

Betacom studies IT solutions and devices tailored to production companies that can bring production growth coupled with lower costs and waste, for more sustainable and functional factories.

Technologies used

- IoT
- Artik
- AWS (Amazon Web Services IoT)
- Azure IoT
- Watson IoT
- Node

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