Collaboration with educational institutions and fairs for recruiting

Betacom really believes in young people. For this reason, every year it establishes partnerships with institutions and associations in favour of youth employment, but not only.
The company regularly participates at recruiting fairs such as 'IoLavoro' and, through its membership to the 'School-Work Alternation Program' promoted by SAA – School of Corporate Administration in Turin, welcomes many students to its headquarters.

An important choice, to help the young people to become familiar with an ever-changing reality, which is that of ICT.

An investment with a real impact on the territory and awarded by the same SAA - School of Business Administration, with awards and acknowledgments that are for Betacom a source of pride.

Visit the events section to find out which Betacom events you attended and with what outcome.

Team Building

The group is important. Networking is not only done outside the company, but also inside. That's why every year Betacom organizes group outings, parties, aperitifs, museum visits and trips.

Working with happy and satisfied people means working better.

Collaboration with CPIs and the City Council

Betacom and the Employment Centers (CPIs) have a solid and profitable collaboration to find candidates also with a high level of professionalism.
The Employment Centres (CPIs), For years has been addressing citizens, professionals and businesses by providing services to meet demand and supply, employment status news and operational tools for the management of paperwork.

These centers are reference points, scattered throughout the territory. Betacom has started up several projects in collaboration with CPIs in different regions, starting with Piedmont, in order to identify and select the profiles of highly professional workers and offer them a job.

The meeting between demand and supply of labour is important, and the CPI is evolving thanks to this collaboration, not only placing medium-low profiles, but also high-level.

Betacom Life

Betacom (It) has local and national agreements with the most important brands and companies in the territory to guarantee discounted rates to all Betacom employees. It organizes group outings and team building activities, with parties, aperitifs, visits to museums and trips.
A platform designed thanks to the valuable help of the students of the ITIS Majorana of Grugliasco, who carried out their school-work alternation experience at our offices. The portal was developed by Betacom in order to be responsive, intuitive and easy to use, so that people working in the company could easily (consult) see all the agreements.

We are Betacom

Betacom wouldn't be the company it is today if there weren't any people with strong values. It was from this thought that the idea of We Are Betacom was born, a format dedicated to employees and their lives inside and outside the office.
A project designed to find out who the employees really are and know their dreams and goals, because they are the true witnesses of the climate that you breathe in Betacom.

On our website you can find all the other videos #WEAREBETACOM