Marelli Magnets
Software Development

The client

Magneti Marelli operates internationally as a supplier of high-tech solutions and systems for the automotive world. The headquarters are in Italy, in Corbetta (Milan). It supplies all the major car makers in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

In its global automotive components mission, Magneti Marelli aims to combine quality and competitive offers, technology and flexibility, with the objective of making excellent products available at competitive costs.

Magneti Marelli aims to enhance, through a continuous innovation process, the know-how and cross-skills in order to develop systems and solutions that contribute to the evolution of mobility according to criteria of environmental sustainability, safety and quality of life in vehicles.

Magneti Marelli is part of FCA. It operates internationally across eight business areas: Electronic Systems, Automotive Lighting, Powertrain, Suspension Systems, Exhaust Systems, Motorsport, Plastic Components and Modules, Aftermarket Parts and Services.

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Commodities Sector


Number of employees

Over 160


Italy and the World

Case history data

The client highlighted the need to update and improve its reporting and final accounting systems for legal activities useful for the filing and maintenance of its patents registered at a global level. The internal investigation indicated the presence of several instruments currently in use by the individual divisions belonging to the group and/or the individual entities scattered throughout both domestic and foreign territory. The presence of such diverse and irregular systems requires a significant effort for the collection, analysis and visibility of costs, validity and deposit of registered trademarks with the necessary use of specific skills and knowledge for each individual product in use.

Solutions adopted

In accordance with the client's demands, a unique centralized system was implemented to help standardize and optimize data sharing at the group level.

Based on the specific request to obtain a solution as far possible “light”,given the intended relocation usage, Betacom decided to support the implementation of technology solutions and methodologies of asyncronous invocation. Using technologies based on the current JavaScript Frameworks and recent HTML5/CSS3 constructs, it was possible to split the different application layers by creating a decomposable and scalable solution.

The different application components in question, Business Layer and Presentation Layer, communicate through the sharing of Javascript Object Notation (JSON) packages, aimed at significantly reducing the network load in client / server communication, optimizing this channel as much as possible for sharing and interchanging application metadata and not application interfaces.

Data exchange takes place through specific calls to a dedicated application layer realized through the implementation of a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and / or Microsoft WebAPI project. Through this architecture it will be possible to separate the application components on different systems, obtaining scalable solutions over time and ensuring technological/infrastructure adaptation.

Benefits obtained

Uniform and simplify the use of business tools at all levels involved;
Simplify the activities of analyzing the patents filed;
Prepare a unified repository for filing,
market analysis, and monitoring;
Improved visibility about the status and lifecycle of patents.

Business Benefits

High Reliability
Business Continuity
Reduce the costs for the management and maintenance of IT systems
Less downtime for maintenance

Products used

Microsoft Windows Server 2012
SQL Server 2012/2014
Microsoft .NET FrameWork 4.5 C
Angular JS 1.4