Mediolanum Insurance

The client

Mediolanum Insurance, part of the Mediolanum Banking Group, offers a package of insurance solutions in line with all types of needs in order to provide adequate protection to the person and their assets. The company with many years of experience can successfully take charge of the safety of each client and their household.

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Commodities Sector


Number of employees

Over 160

Case history data

The client must send his own expert to verify the actual impact of the accident before he can authorize a refund for insurance damage. This operation has very high costs, also in relation to the extent of the damage which is often comparable to the costs of survey.

The client therefore needs a solution that will prevent the expert from physically going to the policyholder to carry out the survey. This solution must guarantee, with reasonable certainty, that the time and place in which the multimedia contents are sent by the person insured are those expected.

We chose to develop the Perizia FaiDaTe, a mobile solution for the management of distance surveys, which allows different functions.

The policyholder, via his smartphone:
- answers the questions proposed by the expert;
- attaches photos and videos;
- receives updates on the status of the survey (via push notifications).

The expert:
- displays answers to questions;
- analyzes the photos and videos received ;
- validates the geolocation of media files;
- proposes an offer to close the claim.

The Perizia Fai da Te also offers a live streaming service:
- the policyholder makes a video and sends his position;
- the expert makes a real-time estimate, assessing the regularity of the position.

Benefits obtained

The solution developed greatly reduced the cost and time needed to carry out a survey. It also brought added value to the policyholder who no longer needs to make an appointment with his insurance expert, he can handle the survey using his smartphone, in complete autonomy.

Products used

- Cloud Architecture
- REST standard methods
- TLS-based security
- Integrated with existing systems
- Web Administrative Panel
- Native Mobile app for iOS and Android

Solutions adopted

Perizia Fai da Te (a mobile solution for managing remote expertise). It allows the policyholder to carry out a self-assessment.

Business benefits

High Reliability
Business Continuity
Less downtime for maintenance