To reach everyone, at anytime.

Designing, developing and adapting tools to multi-channel media is now a must.

Betacom, in the mobile world, uses different development tools with Android and IOS technologies. In recent years the company has formed a dedicated team to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile-oriented market.

The approach to developing a mobile application is very different from the world of the Web.
The unique features of the devices, the different operating systems, the particular graphical interfaces, are an incentive for companies to face new challenges to meet the expectations of an ever-changing industry.

Betacom develops applications both in the industrial and in the intuitive friendly interface, for a smooth user experience.

The dedicated team is able to accompany clients through the entire process of designing, developing and publishing of applications or websites accessible on mobile devices.

The Keyword ? Flexibility. Knowing how to adapt multimedia content to different channels and make it work equally well on each platform is essential when it comes to mobile.

Technologies used

- Android