Betacomis looking for a C++Backend developer for a project with its own client in Rome.

The ideal candidate will have the following requirements:

Computer Diploma or Scientific Degree or Related

  • Excellent knowledge of C++language in a Linux environment
  • Excellent knowledge of device-oriented programming , networks, competitor, design patterns.
  • Good knowledge of Python, HTML, Bash Scripting, xml, json.
  • Previous transactional, web and mobile software development experience of at least 3 years
  • Good knowledge of TCP, UDP, HTTP network protocols
  • Good knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL programming for
    Oracle, Postgres
  • Libraries/framework: SOCI C++Database Access Library, AMQP-CPP for RabbitMQ, C++Redis , C++clients for Cassandra
  • Database NoSql, Cassandra, Redis
  • Develop development tools: gcc, Gdb (gnu debugger), Eclipse, Jenkins
  •      Collaboration tools GIT, JIRA, Redmine
  • Network tools Tcpdump,Wireshark,Netcat
  • Operating system: Linux Debian, Linux, Fedora, Centos, Redhat

Workplace: Rome

The pay will be in line with the candidate’s skills and seniority. The position is open to candidates from both sexes (L 903/77).

The position is open to candidates from both sexes (L 903/77).