The QAForce Solution

QAForce is an innovative solution that can reduce by a factor of 10x the time typically required to perform Quality Assurance software activities, making life easier for developers.

An objective idea of User Experience: thanks to The Page Upload Metric function of QAforce you can measure the load time of a page of a site, using a multiplicity of devices/operating systems / browser versions, in order to define the type of 'User Experience' of the user.

The upload speed of a site is considered one of the top 3 features that defines the user experience.

The system, after processing the data from the URL, creates a table that provides the response times of each 'capability' that, interfaced to Google Analytics, provides an overview of the devices that users use to access the URL.

By crossing the 'response time' data with the 'market penetration' it is therefore possible to obtain an objective idea of User Experience.

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