Saint-Gobain Group

The client

The Saint-Gobain Group is the market leader in four main areas of activity: construction products, construction distribution, packaging and innovative materials (glass). The glass division for the car of Saint-Gobain is divided into:
• Saint-Gobain Sekurit (Original Equipment Manufacturer for cars)
• Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport Division (OEM for other means of transport)
• Saint-Gobain Autover (supplier of original spare parts for the accessories market for all transport vehicles)

The birth of the Saint-Gobain Group took place in France with the establishment of the Royal Glass Works in 1665. Today, the Saint-Gobain Group is a world leader in habitat and sustainable construction markets, thanks to continued innovation and the creation of eco-friendly solutions driven to obtain energy savings. Saint-Gobain was considered one of the top 100 global innovators of 2011 by Thomson Reuters.

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Commodities Sector



Italy, World

Case history data

Saint-Gobain shares the need for a system for managing, inserting and planning car windscreens repair activities and planning and managing the Glassdrive support network for its Saint-Gobain Autover division.
Betacom proposed the implementation of a system aimed at sharing information better and directly within the organizational and administrative flows, reducing the burden on the management and maintenance of IT systems, simplifying analysis activities, setting up a unified repository for integration, analysis and monitoring activities and facilitating and optimizing data sharing across platforms.
The implementation of a process of publication and use of content based on web technology with interfaces placed under specific authentication for each actor involved in the work flow was agreed on.

The proposed solution involves the reuse of the levels and functional roles envisaged by the client aimed at both structuring the logical organization of content used both to populate, maintain and consolidate the data collected during the day-by-day activity of appointment registration.

Solutions adopted

By investigating client requirements and building on the infrastructure components involved, Betacom identified the need to build a Web Based solution based on Microsoft .Net C.C. technology with Framework 4.5. The necessary paradigms and style languages (CSS3) to be used to create modular interfaces were also adopted. In order to maintain consistency with the application layer and the Framework in operation, the optimal use of Microsoft Sql Server 2012 (MS-SQL) as an information repository and metadata/application data was identified. This integration will also enable the use of optimized query component development systems such as Entity Framework.

Benefits obtained

- Share information better and directly within organizational and administrative flows
- Reduce the costs for the management and maintenance of IT systems
- Simplify analysis tasks
- Set up a unified repository for integration, analysis, and monitoring
- Facilitating and optimizing data sharing across platforms [SAP]

Products used

- Microsoft Windows 2012 Server
- Sql Server 2012 Express / Standard Edition
- Services & Web Application Layer
- IIS 7.0
- Microsoft .NET FrameWork 4.6.2