Sistemi Sospensioni
Industry 4.0

The client

Magneti Marelli Suspension Systems designs and manufactures modules and suspension components for vehicles. The business-line is based in Turin and, in addition to Italy, it is present in Poland, Brazil and the USA. Within the Suspension Systems business line, the available products range from the single component (swinging arms, crossbars, axles, struts, discs and brake drums) to assembled modules (wheel groups, semi-corner). A structured design and testing department is able to meet any kind of technical demand from clients, with the possibility of development from component specifications or as a refinement in relation to an existing design; in addition,with the Shock Absorber line it realizes shock absorbers for a wide range of applications.

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Commodities Sector


Number of employees

Over 160

Case history data

The client requested the possibility to view the data issued by a PLC linked to a Production Line. The data is related to the production status of a production line and is analyzed in real time by a dedicated PLC. The internal investigation highlighted the client's need to view data emitted by the PLC on one or more monitors.

The data must be displayed at low latency, so that it is possible to monitor the status of the Production Line without any updating delays between the data displayed and their issue by the PLCs.

The client requested that the solution provided could be installed on different production lines, replicating all installed components. A communication channel between the different installations located on different Production Lines is not required.

Solutions adopted

The SINTRA IOT Platform was implemented, a solution devised and developed by Betacom. It is a set of applications based on web technologies. The system is based on the Node JS Web server and allows the visualization of data through a FrontEnd Web based on HTML5/Javascript. The data represented by the FrontEnd can be customized. A software layer takes care of storing and saving the data on the Database and of notifying the Webserver NodeJS that the data has been changed so that the Webserver can guarantee a REAL TIME low latency update of the data displayed on the connected monitors.

Benefits obtained

The solution developed resulted in the following benefits:

- RealTime monitoring of production data
- Traceability and Smart Traceability.
- Sharing information about one or more viewers
- Responsive.
- Quick data usage and easily through a custom interface and Visual Check for repairs.
- Possibility to customize the interface as needed.

Business Benefits

- Reduction of hardware costs
- Lower downtime and maintenance costs
- Security and traceability
- Disaster Recovery
- Continuous Integration

Products used

- Microsoft Windows 2012 Server
- Web Server: Node JS