Royal Society Mutual
Penetration Test

The client

The Società Reale Mutua Insurance Company is the largest Italian insurance company established as a mutual company. Authorized to operate insurance, in various forms and in all areas of damage and life, its business is about offering insurance services and innovative solutions for individuals, families, businesses and professionals.

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Commodities Sector


Number of employees

Over 3600

Case history data

Reale Mutua turned to Betacom for security assessment, services, which carried out vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of infrastructure and applications. The work of assessing cybersecurity through a Vulnerability Assessment, is to identify the largest number of vulnerabilities in one or more computer systems, providing a maximum indication of their impact and possible countermeasures. Unlike the Penetration Test, in vulnerability assessment activities no attempts are made to exploit the same vulnerabilities to attempt access to the system or platform.

With Penetration Tests, on the other hand, the task of assessing cybersecurity is to identify the largest number of vulnerabilities in one or more computer systems and attempt to exploit them successfully, thus simulating a real attempt to Attack.

The Penetration Test application (web and mobile) was carried out in manual mode in both black box and grey box mode.

Solutions adopted

Analyze systems in remote connection with ethical hacking techniques.

Benefits obtained

System risk assessment, identification of systems critical issues.

Business benefits

Debugging and increased system security.