Software Development

Tailor-made software for better services.

Betacom, ( sensing ) being aware of the need for software to be tailored to the needs of the company, has invested in software development since the early years of its foundation. Many projects have been carried out over time and include programs designed for multinationals companies and public administrations.

The company offers customized software development services in .NET technology thanks to a combination of high technical ability and deep business process analysis skills, derived from many years of experience.

The methodology used by business analysts allows us to collect specifications for keys-in-hand projects.

Thanks to teams composed of industrial experts, led by flexible ( and ) trained Team Leaders, Betacom is able to support the client in choosing the best development technologies based on real needs, with a preference for state-of-the art programs. Once the program is developed, the company provides a period of warranty and constant maintenance of the systems, so that everything continues to work properly and continuously.

Betacom develops all software starting from the analysis of its introduction in the company up to the design of the functionality and sizing of the architecture, realized in total integration with the existing information systems.

Efficient collaboration in the company results in better products, better services, satisfied customers and reduced costs and production time.

Technologies used

- .Net
- Java
- Sharepoint
- Node.js
- AngularJS