System Engineering

Cloud and security infrastructure.

The complexity of corporate information systems requires adequate hardware solutions to ensure effective processes. The Betacom staff are prepared for this multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach.

Betacom has professionals specializing in system engineering to ensure so-called non-functional requirements. Within business realities more or less complex, in fact, systems must be compliant, functional and always-on for the proper functioning of all activities and processes. In order to do so, systems are used to meet the objectives of quality, reliability, safety and maintainability.

The system engineering team ensures that all the systems of their clients' companies meet system requirements including those related to users, market and legislative aspects and that they remain operational while keeping time and costs in line with technical and commercial objectives.

In the IoT (Internet of Things), system engineering must be dynamic and agile to support the functioning of an ever-changing system.

Betacom studies personalized offers based on the needs of each specific client and system, which includes analysis, the choice of the most suitable solution, the implementation of the solution and its maintenance for proper operation over time.

Technologies used

- Microsoft Windows
- Linux
- Solaris

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