Torino Musei
IT Networking

The client

With the 2002 Financial law (Article 35) it was possible for local authorities to set up foundations to entrust their artistic and cultural heritage on the basis of streamlined, modern and functional administrative and organisational models. Turin was the first Italian city to apply the article of this law and on 26 July 2002 the Torino Musei Foundation was born. The museums that belong to the Foundation are the GAM – The Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Palazzo Madama- Museum Civic of Ancient Art, la Rocca and medieval village and the MAO - Museum of Oriental Art. In addition to the City Council, which maintains a role of direction and control, other institutions such as the Piedmont Region, the Company of San Paolo and the CRT Foundation are also represented in the Foundation, in this way they have become full protagonists of the cultural and administrative life of the institution.

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Commodities Sector

Civic Museums



Number of employees

ca. 200

Case history data

The client turned to Betacom to ensure the functionality of all IT equipment provided to offices and museums, providing the Foundation staff with support, assistance and, where necessary, training in the use of hardware tools and assigned software. In addition, the server infrastructure and the Client part were renewed, ensuring the migration of services and data with absolute continuity of service.

The request included the management of computer systems and user assistance for the Torino Musei Foundation's locations in the following areas:

1) IT Helpdesk service for workstations, in particular:

(a) management of workstations in offices; b) management of other IT equipment at the service of the offices; c) installing and configuring new clients, creating active directory users, transferring profiles and data from one location to another, configuring email on mobile devices; d) PC, Domain, Device Installation, User and Mail Configurations, Installation of SW Office Applications, complete reinstallation of PC Operating Systems and applications, on-site diagnosis and verification of hardware issues, etc; e) support for third-party software configuration, third-party escalation management. (e.g. Museum Plus, Zucchetti, etc.).

2) Operational management and technical-system assistance service of the infrastructure, in order to ensure full functionality, performance and safety, in particular:

(a) managing the infrastructure of servers, domains and active directories; b) managing backup services; c) managing virtualization systems (datacenter vSphere); d) cybersecurity management and management of endpoint services; (e) network system management: firewall, switches; (f) managing wifi networks in museums and offices g) managing SAN and NAS storage environments; h) Zucchetti software support and update; (i) remote access management for third-party providers; (l) joint activities with third-party suppliers, such as the creation of new servers; m) on-site support for shutdown systems in case of blackouts and maintenance work; n) periodic updates on Zucchetti systems and software; o) backup Zucchetti databases.

Solutions adopted

Organization Systems teams with various skills for on-site and remote interventions.

Benefits obtained

Continuity of IT services.

Products used

Windows Server 2012 R2 Exchange Server 2013

Business Benefits

High Reliability Business Continuity Less downtime for maintenance