Track & Trace




Track & Trace as an added value of the product

Tracing means authenticating the product and recording its movements and transformations along the production and distribution chain. The implementation of an effective Track & Trace system,

tailored to the needs of the customer, allows companies to have a broad and structured overview and to guarantee the authenticity of the products to authorities and consumers.


Certification of the authenticity of the products

Control of product transformations during the production phases

Control of product movements during the distribution phases up to the point of sale

Integration with the customer’s production processes

Insertion of additional information to communicate with consumers

Why choose Betacom?

Betacom has proven expertise in the Track & Trace of products. It has developed proprietary solutions used by international customers and compliant with the European legislation of the sector.

Starting from the customer’s needs and processes, Betacom carries out System Integration activities where the information system is seen as an integrated and interconnected ecosystem.

Betacom’s IoT expertise also allows the traceability system to communicate with the various detection devices using standard communication protocols.

The result is a complete and integrated system that can be used both in desktop and mobile mode.

The Track & Trace solutions proposed by Betacom are designed on the basis of the specific needs of each customer with the aim of achieving the desired results

while minimizing investments and operational impacts.