Banca Reale
App Architecture

The client

Banca Reale is the lender of the Reale Group. It is the result of collaboration between the insurance world and the financial world. It entered the banking landscape in 2000, with the aim of offering a service capable of creating value for customers and for the community. Although relatively young, this credit institute lays its base on the solid foundations of a group with over 190 years of experience, which over time has been able to change while always keeping up with the times, if not anticipating them. Evolution, an integral part of its thinking, is highlighted in the careful use of new technologies and through the offer of targeted and innovative solutions in the financial and banking sectors.

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Commodities Sector


Number of employees

Over 3000

Case history data

The client used two native mobile applications (Android and iOS) that had not received updates and maintenance for some time. In particular, the Android app suffered from several bugs that considerably compromised the user experience.

After reorganizing the code and fixing the various bugs reported by users, Betacom implemented new features that add value to the apps and re-aligned them with market developments. Biometric authentication was implemented on both apps: on Android, fingerprint recognition was used, the existing TouchID-based system was extended on iOS to work correctly with FaceID. New sections have also been added. The Green&Pin section (already present in the iOS app) was added to the Android app. In both applications, summary sections were created to report the user's balance and investments.

Solutions adopted

Before proceeding with the work, a careful analysis of both applications and the APIs displayed by the respective bank servers was needed. We then opted for a complete restructuring of the architecture of the Android app. On the iOS app, on the other hand, less invasive interventions were needed.

Benefits obtained

As a result of the publication of the new applications on the respective Stores, there was a substantial decrease in the number of crashes for a period of time. Android users were able to benefit from a more stable application and with a more intuitive navigation than the previous version, iOS users were able to take full advantage of the features of the new iPhones (X and later models) thanks to the graphical and functional adjustments.