Software Development

The client

Gulliver began its history in 1964 with the opening of the first store in Voghera. In the following years it gradually expanded, confirming itself as a reality known and appreciated in the area. To date, in fact, it has 1200 employees and more than 90 outlets, both direct and through affiliates, located in the provinces of Alexandria, Asti, Pavia, Genoa, Savona and Piacenza. Gulliver,which is a totally Italian company, has maintained the values and ethics that distinguish family companies .Its supermarkets are distinguished for the reception it gives customers as well as the care and attention dedicated especially to the Fresh Departments.

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Commodities Sector



Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and Liguria

Case history data

The client needs a system that allows for the unified management of its business, including the monitoring of the sales activities of its individual stores located throughout the territory. In particular, the client needs a system that has the following features: - Supplier Management - Territorial Area Management that groups different stores - Store Management - Management of products put on the market - Management of the prices applied to different products - Management of store-issued coupons - Periodic production of specific business documents addressed to individual stores - Compilation of relevant business documents by store managers. - Centralized access by administration to documents compiled by individual stores in order to monitor revenue flows and the supply of the goods.

Solutions adopted

The implementation of a web-based application with interfaces under authentication for each actor involved in the operational flow is agreed on. The development processes adopted also ensured the following qualitative and evolutionary paradigms: - User activity traceability - Testing, debugging and logging of application processes

Solution Detail

Building a Web based solution based on Microsoft C-based technology with the .net 4.0 Framework that adopted the necessary paradigms and style languages (CSS3) useful for the creation of user friendly interfaces. In order to maintain consistency with the application layer and the Framework in operation, the optimal use of MySql as an information repository and metadata/application data was identified

Benefits obtained

- Complete view of the company's commercial activity in every detail. - Monitoring of the revenue of individual stores. - Central view of the goods to be supplied for individual sales.

Products used

- Microsoft .NET FrameWork C-4.0 - MySql 5.6 - CSS3/HTML5