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Software Development

The client

RGI is an independent Software Vendor and leader in Europe in the digital transformation of insurance companies. It has been operating for 30 years as a solid reference point for the development and implementation of dedicated systems for Companies, Bancassurance, Agents, Brokers and Financial Promoters. With a team of 800 professionals specialized in IT and the Insurance Business in 12 locations in Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Tunisia and Luxembourg, RGI has digitised the business of 103 insurance companies and 300 brokers in EMEA.

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Commodities Sector


Number of employees

Over 800



Case history data

The client benefits from the services of the current intranet born from the need to share information and services within the corporate domain. The portal (currently used) is based on a custom platform made by RGI, which has undergone several episodes of evolutionary and improvement maintenance in order to integrate the necessary components over time.

The decision to maintain the application core forced the client to maintain the technological level and substrate throughout the entire life cycle of the portal, arriving today at a solution that is difficult to maintain and its know-how linked to technologies that are not up to date.

Furthermore, a substantial part of the information management and organization process is currently entrusted solely to the managers of the individual areas through the sharing and maintenance of a document repository based on NFS network share.This methodology results in high costs for supervision, control, validation and verification of production processes. In addition, shared processes are not defined for the approval and coordination of document creation and management activities. The company rely solely on the capabilities of the individual controllers in the organizational areas involved.

Solutions adopted

Based on specific client requirements, a unique, centralized Microsoft SharePoint 2013 portal for sharing services and information within the entire group was implemented. Through the adoption of new solutions, the components exposed by the intranet previously in use at RGI have been updated and integrated. The aim was to ensure not only the usability of the information collected and their quantitative/qualitative analysis, but to offer clear visibility about the information shared and collected within the entire group. The solution was integrated with the authentication tools in operation at the client's the company allowing integrated access with the configurations of the client's systems in use.

Benefits obtained

The solution adopted allowed them to:

Improve the sharing of Group information and services to and from all employees. Standardize business information maintenance and approval processes. Coordinate and manage outsourced business environments for coordination and meeting activities Manage and simplify company car fleet management processes Adapt internal technology management processes to the Group's current standards Extend and enable the correct lifecycle of applications and information Optimize control and security through coordinated management of groups and information access permission.

Products used

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Standard Edition SP1 Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Microsoft .NET FrameWork 4.0/4.5

Business benefits

High Reliability, Business Continuity – achieved through the evolution of the IT systems involved and the adaptation of the systems to current customer standards. Coordinated and centralized management of the document / information repository of the RGI Group Standardization of internal control processes and simplification of access flows and information retrieval.